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Some Common Problems about Whipped Cream Chargers&Dispensers

Some Common Problems about Whipped Cream Chargers&Dispensers

During our daily life I do believe you guys may meet some problems when you are using cream chargers or dispensers. Do not be afraid of facing that problems, it will happen sometimes. Let me do you a little favour, I will answer some FAQ about cream chargers and dispensers in this post for you:)


#1 Why are the cream chargers easy to get frozen?

That is because of the new type nozzle. The gas N2O inside tanks can cause extreme cold temperatures which will freeze the bottle or our skin if we teach it without protection. Some of us may incautiously turn on the new type nozzle to maximum and do not notice that. Therefore N2O may leak out and freeze the bottle.


#2 Why does whipped cream charger seem to run out so fast?

Some of our customers may think their whipped cream chargers are short lived. There might be two reasons. First one might be violent transportation, during the transportation the gas may leak from tanks due to some violent handle. Second may be the new type nozzle. This new type nozzle has a mute cotton in it which is more easier to turn the nozzle to maximum than before. So please do not open the nozzle to a maximum to avoid the gas losing easily.


#3 Can I use CO2 to whip cream?

We have discussed about this in the previous blogs. Normally, only N2O cream chargers can be used to whip cream. However, extremely uncommon situations you could also use CO2 tanks to do that in certain. You need to know that is not advised as the use cases.


#4 How to adjust the amount of cream coming out?

It is pretty easy, just need to use the squeeze trigger. A gentle squeeze is usually enough for quick whipped cream on coffee. And if you pull down all the way on the trigger, it will come out more aggressively if you want that. 


#5 Why did my whipped cream dispenser suddenly start spraying out the cream pretty aggressively?

The contents of the cream whipper will be under high pressure so when you dispense it, we suggest you gently squeeze the trigger. Over time you will be able to control it and make decorations and creations you like. Skills come from practice, just try your best.


# In the end

In our long term life, we will meet lots kinds of cream chargers, it is hard to tell which one is best for us, but it doesn’t matter. Startwhip Max will always be here with you:) Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Come to us, let us create the best cream chargers for you.



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