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What is nitrous oxide cream chargers N2O

A whipped cream charger N2O is a steel cylinder or cartridge filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) that is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. The narrow end of a charger has a foil covering that is broken to release the gas. This is usually done by a sharp pin inside the whipped cream dispenser. The nitrous oxide in chargers is also used as an oxidizer in hybrid model rocket engines.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a clear, colorless, oxidizing liquefied gas with a slightly sweet odor. Contains 8gm - 8.4gm Nitrous Oxide (E942) under pressure. For food use only.


How to use a cream whipper

Cream whippers are seal canisters which use pressurized gas to aerate cream quickly. This saves time and effort when making milkshakes, whipped cream for fruits as well as a range of desserts and fresh pastries which makes these items perfect for commercial venues such as bakeries, cafes and kitchens.

Although this is their primary function they are also capable of a lot more than whipping up cream for dessert toppings and hot drinks. The components of any savoury and sweet dish can have more texture with using cream chargers. Moreover, they are perfect for making foams as well as hollandaise, infusions, sauces and mousses, not to mention flavoured cream for puddings, hot beverages and even cold cappuccinos.

They also allow delicate mixtures to be kept for longer in canisters, without exposure to the air. These reasons alone make the cream whipper a valuable and versatile tool for any kitchen.


How does a cream whipper work

Cream whippers work by using small chargers filled with compressed nitrous oxide to aerate the liquid of your choice, and force it through a nozzle at the top. The chargers of nitrous oxide are small metal cartridges that need to be slipped into the sleeve of the canister. The sleeve is then carefully screwed into the side of the canister until the gas release. When we press in the trigger or lever, the compressed gas mixes with the liquid to produce a foam.


Five simple steps for better whipped cream

Using the cream whipper in the right way will ensure better quality cream, as well as a better yield.

Before you begin, ensure that the dispenser has all the parts included in the box and that you have the right whipper chargers ready to use.


Unscrew the top of the dispenser and insert the desired tip. Make sure that canister securely connects to the dispenser. The O-ring or gasket must also be in place on the underside of the head.


Pour in your cream or desired liquid up to the max. fill line. Take care not to overfill.


Screw in the top evenly and firmly onto the canister taking care to avoid cross-threading. Place your whipper charger into the holder with the smallest end facing upwards. Gently twist the charger holder onto the head of the canister until you hear a hiss as the gas starts to release.


Shake the dispenser a few times, and turn it upside down. Dispense by pressing the lever at the top as required. If the cream is too runny, shake the dispenser a couple of times before repressing the lever.


When the canister is empty, discharge any remaining pressure over a sink and unscrew the top. Discard the charger and use a small brush to clean out any residue from the nozzle.


What are the benefits of using cream whippers?

The alternative to using cream whippers often involves adding calorie or fat-rich stabilisers such as gelatine or agar. As cream whippers aerate the cream in a pressure- tight  system, it chills  instantly and so does not need the extra ingredients to keep it light and airy. This also results in a cleaner, brighter taste because these stabilisers are easily noticable and tend to hide the true flavour of your creations.

Another clear advantage of using cream whippers is the ability to preserve and keep sauces and foams fresh for longer, so we can prepare them in advance to save time. Due to the airtight confinements of the canister, even the most delicate mixtures (containing egg or dairy) can potentially last over a week when stored in this way. In a professional kitchen this time period is more likely to be over the course of a few days, but this is a great method of preservation.

Cream whippers can also be used to give volume and body to sauces and dressings that may not otherwise be aerated. This gives plenty of room for experimentation in your recipes. As air is added to the mix, the sauce is able to cling to foods more easily too (ideal for coating pasta), but also makes the flavours more obvious. Its also good news for your food budget too, as with the added gas the aerated mixture goes much further than it would normally.

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