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Care and Safety for Cream Chargers

Startwhip MAX Cream Chargers 580g

-We take priority of the care and safety of our customers!

-Caring tips for you to ease our biggest concern!


Before attempting to use any of our gas cartridges, ensure that you take the time to read through all the manufacturer’s instructions that come complete with our products. Because if you do not follow the instructions carefully, it could be dangerous. 


Cream Chargers pressure:

50 ml (1 portion) 5 Bar

100 ml (2 portions) 6.5 Bar

150 ml (3 portions) 8 Bar

200 ml (4 portions) 10 Bar

250 ml (5 portions) 12 Bar

300 ml (6 portions) 13 Bar

350 ml (7 portions) 14 Bar

400 ml (8 portions) 16 Bar

450 ml (9 portions) 17 Bar


Startwhip Max Cream Chargers 580g N2O must only be used for catering purposes. Therefore, we have a policy of not selling Goods to any person whom we believe may be under 18 years of age and also whom we believe may misuse the Goods.


Care and safety

  • The cartridge contains Nitrous Oxide under high pressure.
  • Make sure to place the pressure regulator on the cylinder correctly
  • Make sure to hold the cylinder and cream dispenser upright while doing the refilling process
  • For use only with approved Whipped Cream Dispensers.
  • Non-aerosol. Nonrefillable. Recyclable steel.
  • Never dispose of full cartridges.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Explosion danger: 122F (50C) max temperature.
  • Storage and operating temperature: Between 37.4 F (3 C) (minimum) and 122 F (50 C) (maximum).
  • Do not take on board an aircraft.
  • If you are burnt by freezing N2O you must immediately call 911  and also seek medical advice as soon as possible. Because an N2O burn can cause deep tissue damage which is not immediately obvious at the time of the injury.




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Thank you for being a loyal customer and giving us a chance to let you guys know and also buy our products. Finally, as an Australia-owned business, we strive to provide the highest quality service and care deeply about how our work affects customers like you.

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