Frequently Asked Questions

Startwhip is professional in Hospitality Industry, our Main bushiness is for selling hospitality related product especially for whipped cream whipper and whipped cream chargers N2O. Also our products are only sold to companies with food natural and the company’s ABN under food industry or grocery.

All products in Startwhip are not for sale to under 18’s. You need to pass the age verification before ordering, and we will check your ID before we delivery the orders.


1. How to check your parcel?


2. Where can I buy Startwhip Max products?

We sell directly from this website or you can purchase your innovative Startwhip Max products via a local distributor. Hence, if you would like to become and distributor or for more information, please contact us via this email:



3. How does Nitrous Oxide react with food?

When Nitrous Oxide combines with oxygen a chemical reaction takes place which not only transforms the food substance into a more volumized foam, but instantly infuses the flavors.

4. What kind of regulator are suitable for Startwhip Max?

Pressure regulator - The release of Nitrous Oxide exactly to the amount you need.

Pressure Release Nozzle - With each cylinder comes a pressure release nozzle. With the spinning nozzle, use this nozzle to get rid of any left-over gas in order to safely dispose of the cylinder. Easily dispose of tank at an iron dump near you.


5. Is Startwhip Max safe for home use?

Of course! Our products are universally compatible with all leading brand Dispensing units. We are also constantly putting all our efforts in making Startwhip Max as safe as possible in the production of all its components. Please refer to the care and safety section to learn more about using StartWhip safely and efficiently.


6. How do I dispose of it and is it recyclable?

Warm reminder: recycle Empty Cylinders only.

Startwhip Max products can be recycled. The cylinders are made out of recyclable steel which means that you can dispose of them together with your metal trash for collection. The cylinders are not refillable and can only be recycled once empty. Each Startwhip Max cylinder is supplied with an easy-use release nozzle, so you can ensure all gas is disbursed from the unit before recycling it.


7. What’s the difference between Startwhip Max & Skywhip Max and the traditional cream chargers 580g? 

Compared to the traditional cream chargers 580g n20, this new larger cream charger enables the user to have greater amounts of nitrous oxide at their disposal. Moreover, the easy-to-use cream charger is compatible with any m11 pressure gauge and filling system. Therefore, its feature enables everyone to use the product and gain the benefits!


8. Will it waste gas?

No! Our products are professionally produced by suppliers in over 60 years of manufacturing expertise, which are made of the highest–quality materials and are engineered to the highest standards, so that you can firmly believe in the quality of our products.


9. What types of safe online payment methods are available on STARTWHIP.COM ? 

Our available payment methods are Paypal, American Express, G pay, Apple Pay, Visa card and Master card.


10. Does it offer pick up service?

Yes, we are not only offer postage service but also offer pick up service. And our pick up available time is from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.


11. Does it offer on-demand delivery service?

Sorry, we are not available now.


 12. How to leave a google review?

Go to the link → Write A Review→Click Five Stars→Click Post


13. What’s our Facebook Account? 

Our Facebook account is Startwhip Max.


14. How to find our recent promotions?

Please pay attention to our posters on the top page.


15. What cream charger brands are sold?

The cream charger brands we sold are StartWhip MAX, SkyWhip Pro Max, SkyWhip, DarlingWhip, BestWhip, Whip-it!, ISI and FreshWhip.


16. How to contact us?

PHONE:+61 406 105 431



17. How to be our distributor?

Please contact our headquarters at:

We are fully welcome you to visit our warehouse in Melbourne.

Startwhip website:

Thank you for all our customers being a loyal customer and giving us a try. Finally, as an Australia-owned business, we strive to provide the highest quality service and care deeply about how our work affects customers like you.

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