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Food Legal Service

Startwhip Max is serious about corporate sustainability, which is an important means of formalising the business’s commitment to the environment, providing clear guidelines for customers and distributors to follow, and quantifying the business’s success in cutting down waste. Such as the best products STARTWHIP 660g are all recyclable cream chargers cylinders.

100% of our product to be in packaging that’s returnable or made from majority-recycled content. And also all of our whipped cream chargers are recyclable cream chargers cylinders. 

And all the packages are made of recycled materials and also outlines where materials will be taken, and dictates how they will be processed. 

Providing clear guidelines for customers and distributors to follow is also important. We not only provide free waste disposal instruction to customers, but also provide training to distributors for processing recycling issues. And our factory will only product recyclable cream chargers cylinders. In order to make our environment better together with our customers and distributors.

Startwhip Max do our best to crack down on illegal littering, strictly abide by federal laws and state laws. We have strict requirements on distributors. And we will provide them MSDS and special training for recycling issues.

Startwhip Max offer consulting services covering regulatory issues. Such as Country of Origin labelling, recycling issue, product development and food marketing compliance.

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