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NEW Startwhip Max & Skywhip Pro 660G cream chargers

NEW Startwhip Max & Skywhip Pro 660G cream chargers

Startwhip Max & Skywhip Pro 660G cream chargers are back!

First company producing 660g Whipped Cream Chargers!
14% MORE N2O
than a 580g, more cost-effective!
1 Tanks = 83 Bulbs 8G
Larger capacity
Free new nozzle with mute cotton per tank included
Local delivery & Free local pick up Available

Get 14% more N2O in every 660G cream chargers!

You will get 14% more nitrous oxide per cream charger you purchase compared to 580g product!. That means 660 grams of pure N2O per cream charger, instead of the 580 grams usually offered on the market!

Easy to make perfect whipped cream!

Our user-friendly nitrous oxide disposable cylinder is the easiest-to-use cream charger to make the perfect whipped cream or foams for beverages.
Fast & free express delivery from Melbourne!

We provide free same day postage and also free metro express. Also it is pick up available for Melbourne customers from 300 bulbs/3 tanks and 3.3 tank.

What can you expected to our 660g cream chargers?

The nitrous oxide is of European origin, which has a purity level of 99%, and is also rated highest food-grade making it safe for consumption. The cylinder can be used in combination with a pressure regulator to assure using the right amount of nitrous oxide.

Filled with 660g of food-safe nitrous oxide
Same contents as 83 'normal' cream chargers
Free pressure release nozzle included in every order
When preparing large cocktails the 660g cream chargers are the better options because its huge cartridge capacity is about one hundred times that of the 8g cream charger.
All 660g tanks are in high-quality with recyclable steel.  
Disposable cylinders made from stainless steel
Improved cylinders guaranteeing full capacity