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How to use Startwhip pressure regulator?

How to use Startwhip pressure regulator?

sm 580+regulator

Nowadays, whipping cream has become easy and handy with the development of cream chargers. The cream charger markets have multiple choices that can save time and give us perfect texture of whipped cream. Suppose you are planning to purchase a Startwhip cream charger or a few for a significant catering event. In that case, you probably need a pressure regulator. This blog is going to show you how to use a nitrous oxide pressure regulator.

#1. What is pressure regulator?

I do believe we all know about what is cream charger, but does everyone of us know about the pressure regulator? Startwhip pressure regulator is a kind of tools which is able to connect any standard cream whipper and can perfect fit all the standard 580g tanks & 3.3l tanks. With this kind of regulator you can prepare all kinds of drinks and dishes, ranging from the classic whipped cream to rapid infused garlic- rosemary chicken to N2O infused cocktails! The Startwhip regulator is not only easy to use, but you can also gain many benefits.


#2. How to use a pressure regulator?

Now come to the major point how to use it, let me show you step by step.

Step one: What you need are a dispenser, some cream and our products Startwhip cream charger.
1: Open the dispenser
2: Pour an appropriate amount of cream and milk into it.
3: Close the dispenser.
4: Connect the regulator and dispenser.
5: Do make sure the dispenser is sealed.
6: Turn clockwise to open the regulator for 5-10 seconds.
7: Countdown to the time end then counter clockwise rotation and close it.

8: Disconnect the regulator and dispenser.
9: Turn over and shake the distributor 20 times.
10: Whip your cream!!!
If still can not understand how to use it, it is totally fine. Just click the down below link and watch the help video.
 pressure regulator


#In the end

The popularity and demand for food-grade N2O tanks and cylinders are increasing. And the pressure regulator is also necessary for us if you want to make your cream with perfect texture. Then think no more and order from Startwhip Max now!!


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