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Q&A About Delivery Services of STARTWHIP MAX

Q&A About Delivery Services of STARTWHIP MAX

#1 How many kinds of delivery service do we provide?


For now, we offer 3 different kinds of delivery services for you guys to choose.
Kind one: Auspost shipping-all around the Australia
Auspost shipping includes two delivery methods - Standard and Express. Standard shipping generally takes 5-7 working days to arrive, and Express shipping generally takes 3-5 working days to arrive, which also depends on where you live. 
Kind two: Local Delivery-within Victoria
Our main warehouses and office of STARTWHIP are all in VIC, so we only provide Local Delivery within Victoria. This kind of method usually take 30-60mins to deliver, which depends on where your area is. Our professional drivers strategically situate across VIC every day to ensure our local delivery speed. What is more? We canceled the minimum order price. You guys can choose local delivery service with any products, if you need it!!

Kind three: Local Pick Up-within Australia

We greatly welcome click and collect orders which means Startwhip Max provides local pickup service for free. You could choose "Pick up" at check out if you want to come and pick up the items. Usually if orders be placed and paid before 4pm would be available at the same day and we will prepare your goods immediately. Our pick-up point is in G15, 838 Collins st Docklands 3008 VIC, opening from 12:00 to 17:30 on Monday to Sunday.


#2 How to choose local delivery online?&Why can’t i choose local delivery when check out?

Q1: Place your order with any products - add your details - ship - local delivery - check out!! Then our shop member will contact you as soon as we receive your order.

Q2: There may be one reason why you can not choose Local Delivery when check out. The reason is your address maybe far from our main warehouses, so we cannot deliver that far. We only offers local delivery within Victoria.

#3 What if i want local delivery service but choose Auspost shipping by mistake? 

If you choose Auspost shipping by mistake and still want the local delivery service, please tell us to cancel the order. Then you need to place a same new order with local delivery, so that we can process your order for you. 

#4 How to make local pick up order online?

It is quite simple, first you need to place your order then add your details - choose pick up after that check out!! Then our team member will contact you as soon as we receive your order. Please click the down bellow link to get further understanding if you still have problems with it.
 delivery service

#In the end

After knowing all these information, it’s easy to find out why STARTWHIP MAX whipped cream chargers are a great choice for anyone who wants to make the most out of their culinary creations. We also know that to buy or not to buy, is a question. Come to us, come to Startwhip Max, let that not be a question.
STARTWHIP MAX starts your pro max life, STARTWHIP MAX!!

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