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The Differences Between N2O Tanks and CO2 Tanks

The Differences Between N2O Tanks and CO2 Tanks

We always talk about whipped cream chargers or you can call it N2O tanks during our daily life. So, N2O tanks are quite familiar for us. But have you guys hear of CO2 tanks? Now, this following blog will explain something about N2O tanks and CO2 tanks, which you should know. Stay tuned for more information!  

 #1 What are N2O tanks and CO2 tanks?

What is N2O tank? The same as what we mentioned in other blogs before. A N2O tank or a whipped cream charger, isa stainless-steel cylinder which filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) under pressure.

Then what is CO2 tank? First, let us know about CO2. CO2-one part carbon and two parts oxygen combine to form it, a colourless but not odourless gas. Now come to a CO2 or carbon dioxide cylinder, is a steel/metal bottle that compresses CO2 in a liquid state. Unlike the most standard gases, the content of a CO2 cylinder is in a liquid form.

#2 The differences between N2O cylinders and CO2 cylinders

We only talk about the food grade N2O tanks and CO2 tanks in this post.
According to our life experience we can know that both N2O tanks and CO2 cylinders are used for culinary purposes but they are completely different culinary purposes with their different properties.

  • The materials of their cylinders are different.

A CO2 tank is a steel or aluminium bottle while a N2O tank is a stainless-steel bottle.

  • The usages of them are different.

We do believe that most of people have experienced a soft drink with bubbles in it. This effervescence is what characterises carbonated beverages. Therefore, we can use CO2 tanks to carbonise drinks suck as soda and for the “fizz” in some cold beverages like beer and champagne. Those are the reason why we can also call CO2 tanks as soda chargers.
N2O tanks the other well-known name whipped cream chargers, just as its name implies we usually use cream chargers to whip cream, to create a thick creamy foam.
Normally, only N2O cream chargers can be used to whip cream. However, in certain, extremely uncommon situations you could also use CO2 tanks to whip cream. You need to know that we do no advise doing that.

#3 Where to purchase the food grad N2O tanks?

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