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Some tips of how to keep cream chargers in a good condition

How should we keep our whip cream chargers in a good condition?

During our daily life, nitrous oxide or the other well-known name N2O will always be mentioned while we are talking about whip cream chargers and cream dispenser. So, what is a whip cream charger? How to store your cream chargers in a good condition? and where can you buy the cream chargers? This following blog will tell you everything about these questions.

#1 What is a whip cream charger?

A whip cream charger or we can call N2O- tank, Nitrous Oxide cartridge is created by a stainless-steel cylinder which filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) under pressure. When N2O is released from the cylinder into a whipping cream canister and mixed with heavy cream, it creates a thick creamy foam. Whip cream chargers come in a variety of sizes, but the most common is 8g bulbs and Nitrous Oxide tanks, like STARTWHIP 660g and SKYWHIP 580g 

#2 Here are some methods for you to maintain the good quality of whip cream chargers.

Living in times of exponential changes, we see that whip cream chargers have become more and more important in the food industry even in the field of molecular cuisine. Then after we buy them how should we store the whip cream chargers? Let us share these with you guys! 


       1. Please Follow The Attached Manual Instruction Carefully

Do follow the instructions when you are using whip cream chargers, especially when you are the first time to use it. Using it improperly may cause it to break down or even explode, so you need to know you are dealing with N2O GAS. It could be dangerous if you do not follow the instructions.

Manual instruction is very handy when you need to know some technical details about cream chargers. Therefore, please don’t leave your manual alone, go check and follow it when you want to use whip cream chargers.

       2.Remember to Double Check Your Whip Cream Chargers Before Using them


Double check the whip cream chargers before you using them in order to make sure everything of your cream charger is in a perfect condition and safe. You need to inspect the rust, cracks, or dents of them. Our advice is always to use fresh and complete whip cream chargers.


       3.Properly Store Your Whip Cream Chargers

Burn into your mind that the whip cream chargers should be stored in somewhere cool and clean. Please do not keep them in the refrigerator or freezer, otherwise it could damage the charger’s surface. The environment temperatures of chargers should never exceed 50 Celsius or 120 Fahrenheit. If it exceeds, the whip cream chargers will lose quality.

Another thing you need to know about these is that if you already used the whipped cream and plan to store the whip cream chargers together with canister, be sure you remember how long the cream will last, because the cream chargers will not expiring, but cream will. It gradually loses its consistency and loses the desired fluffiness if we keep cream out too long. Therefore we advice that whip cream chargers should be thrown away after two weeks. 


       4.Purchase Whip Cream Chargers on Proper Channels

Ultimately, everyone wants the product we buy is to be a good quality, and when it is not, we get disappointed. Avoid disappointment by searching well online for the best brands in the market. It is the same when you want to buy some whip cream chargers. Buying great quality whip cream chargers is the best way to keep your cream chargers in good conditions.


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  • Premium Quality

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Hope this post can be helpful for you!

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