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Tips for using whipped cream chargers safely?

Tips for using whipped cream chargers safely?

Whipped cream chargers are quite useful tools at restaurants, home, hotel and so on, due to their varieties of advantages. But we can not only know how useful they are, it is also essential to understand how to use them safely. Then let’s talk something about how to safely utilize cream chargers.

#1.Know what they are and what are the risks of them

A whip cream charger or we can call N2O-tank, is created by a stainless-steel cylinder which filled with N2O gas under pressure. Although it is normally safe to use these cylinders, you should be aware of the potential dangerous before using them. N2O gas in those canisters could be quite dangerous if you use them improperly, such as explode and do harm to your body.


#2.Tips for using cream chargers safely 

Do follow the attached manual instruction carefully. These instructions are very handy to ensure you are using cream chargers properly.
Only use them in areas with good ventilation. Additionally, even though some of N2O gas is not that dangerous, if you breathe too much of the gas, you can feel faint, queasy, or sick. Therefore it’s important to use cream chargers in a well-ventilated area to ensure that the gas can disperse properly.
Always hold the tank upright. N2O tanks should always be kept upright to prevent the release of gas, which can occur if the tank is tipped over or falls. You need to know nitrous oxide gas can cause extreme cold temperatures which will freeze the bottle or our skin.
Never expose cream chargers to heat or flames. Flames and heat can cause the cream chargers to explode due to the high pressure of the gas inside.
Do not drop or throw N2O tanks. These actions will make huge damage to the tanks’ value or pressure gauge, leading to leaks or sudden release of gas even cause explode.
Always be sure to use the compatible whipping devices. Using a cream charger with an improper device could result in an accident or injury.


After we know about how to safely use cream chargers, there is another essential thing we should know. It is we should get N2O tanks from a reliable shop. Startwhip Max is the leading online-shop of whipped cream chargers in Australia with the best customer service and shipping.  


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