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Something about N2O Cream Chargers

N2O, a gas used in food preparation to generate whipped cream, is contained in small steel canisters called whipped cream chargers or “N2O cream chargers.” Although it is normally safe to use these canisters, you should be aware of potential hazards before doing so. Therefore let’s talk something about N2O gas and N2O cream chargers.


#1 The potential dangerous of N2O gas or N2O cream chargers 

Normally it is quite safe, but the nitrous oxide in those canisters could also be quite dangerous if we use them improperly. Then what are the potential dangerous?

  • The gas refilled in cream chargers should not be breathed in. Our health could suffer severe and permanent harm, even death. And this N2O gas, a substance that can lead to birth abnormalities or other reproductive harm.
  • Nitrous oxide gas can also cause extreme cold temperatures which will freeze the bottle or even worse, our skin.
  • The most dangerous one-explode. Flames, heat, or huge pressure can cause N2O cream chargers to explode. 

#2 How to safely use and store cream chargers

To use:
Do follow the attached manual instruction carefully. 
Only use them in areas with good ventilation. 
Always hold the tank upright.
Never expose cream chargers to heat or flames.
Do not drop or throw N2O tanks.
Always be sure to use the compatible whipping devices.
To store:

Do remember that we should store the whip cream chargers in somewhere cool and clean. Please do not keep them in the refrigerator or freezer, otherwise it could damage the charger’s surface. The environment temperatures of chargers should never exceed 50 Celsius or 120 Fahrenheit.


#3 Startwhip Max N2O cream chargers 

We nole sell products to companies with food natural and the company’s ABN under food industry or grocery. All products in Startwhip are not for sale to under 18’s. And all of our products have passed the EU certification, therefor you guys do need to worry about the quality and safety of our N2O cream chargers!

Buying great quality whip cream chargers is the best way to avoid these potential dangerous. 




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