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Customer Reviews

We all know that customer reviews contribute to building a strong product reputation. When a brand of whipped cream chargers receives numerous positive, it establishes itself as a reliable and effective product. Startwhip Max has always valued customer reviews and feedback. So today, let’s watch some customer reviews about Startwhip Max.



Great cream chargers, best prices and deals available and best customer service. Highly recommend!!
                                                                                         -from Benjamin Callaghan


Very good quality cream chargers, will be buying again :)

                                                                                                                -from John    

Startwhip Max have promos listed on their site as well as on their Google page, this is the first time I’ve come across any businesses that’s offered this so I’m pleasantly surprised. 
I’ve just placed an order for Cream Charges and I was surprised that they offered multiple express checkout options Shop Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay! This made it so quick and easy for me. 
Once purchased, you’ll be prompted by them both via email and SMS to provide a confirmation that shows the amount appears on your banking, don’t fear, this is a common practice for businesses to prevent fraud claims.
They were easy to communicate with and they reply very quickly and it was easy to organise my pick up order.
                                                                                                  -from Kevin Nguyen


Cream charger 580g tank (yellow)
Great prices, good communication, I had some  issues, but it looks like I made the mistake, not them. They have been patient and launched an investigation as well                            
                                                                                  -from Señor_Lettuce The 3rd


Cream chargers - I bought the 580g gas tank with regulator. It works very well. Though the guide is in bar and the gauge is in psi. It would be nice it they were consistent. No instructions but easy to work out.
                                                                                                      -from Kai Swann


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