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Why we recommend you to buy 580g cream chargers

Why we recommend you to buy 580g cream chargers

Are you still confuse of how to choose cream chargers? Take it easy, let me talk more about it for you.

We have different brands in our company, the main products are N2O cream chargers 8.4g, Nitrous Oxide cylinder 580g, and Nitrous Oxide cylinder 2000g. However, the most popular ones on the market today either fall into 8g or 580 grams.


So, 8g or 580g cream chargers? Start to make a comparison.

1. The deference between 8g and 580g:

  • 580g are highly economical

Each 0.95L whipped cream charger contains 580g of the highest culinary grade N2O gas available, and also reduces wastage vs 78 of 8g standard whipped cream chargers per 1 of our units. So that 580g cream chargers are more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

  • From the retail market perspective:

580g is more easier to carry on. One box of 580g contains 6 pieces of the package that are more easily to carry on. Moreover, 580g and 8g cream chargers are 100% recyclable steel cylinders, and the 580g tanks are easier to handle than 8g.

2.  Advantage & Use in 580g & 8g

580g cream chargers8g cream chargers
  • 580G Cream Chargers
Use a pressure regulator and an adaptor.
It is the original version, creamy and tastes like iSi.
Can be used for dessert business, parties, bars, clubs, and so on.
  • 8G Cream Chargers
Fit a standard cream whipper.
Purest whipped cream, taste like in the cloud.
Portable and space saving.

3. Conclusion

    580g cream chargers are highly economical than 8g cream chargers and use widely. More importantly, 580g cream chargers are purer and larger capacity of Nitrous Oxide. If you need further information, you can view this blog "8G VS 580G Cream Chargers" posted by Skywhip Australia.
    Come and buy, choose the better 580g cream chargers and tell me more about which type of cream chargers you are willing to buy in the future!