Startwhip Pressure Regulator Hose and Adaptor

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PRESSURE REGULATOR & HOSE KIT - Cream Chargers  Pressure Regulator  Hose and Adaptor


Pressure Regulator  Hose and Adaptor Description:

  • The purest, the cleanest, no flavored!
  • STARTWHIP Max & SKYWHIP Pro Max are the best product in Australia.
  • We are The First Company producing 580g cream chargers!
  • This Pressure Regulator connect to any standard cream whipper and easily fill to the desired pressure.
  • Prepare all kinds of drinks and dishes, ranging from the classic whipped cream to rapid infused garlic-rosemary chicken to N2O infused cocktails!
  • Our Startwhip cream chargers give you unlimited variety through a single culinary tool.
  • Not only is it easy to use, but you gain many benefits!
  • Listing is for the regulator set only. cannisters sold separately


Please only dispose or empty canisters.

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